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We Recycle POS Printers

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Recycle your used equipment and get value back

Instead of spending money to dispose of used equipment, why not get paid to recycle your used equipment with Hillside Electronics?

When you choose to recycle with Hillside Electronics, you not only generate revenue for your business, but you also get the peace of mind knowing that your business is playing a role in reducing e-waste and increasing the lifetime usage of POS equipment.

Hillside Electronics refurbishes all recycled equipment. Committed to reducing e-waste and its hazards, we provide reusable receipt printers to retailers-keeping them out of landfills and putting them into the hands of businesses that are interested in using recycled products for a "greener" future.

The Hillside Electronics Recycling Program helps you:

  • Play a role in reducing e-waste and preserving the environment
  • Receive cash back or company credit for your used POS equipment

  • Provide used products to retailers worldwide