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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with timely, cost-efficient, and quality repair service of Point-of-Sale (POS) printers and dot matrix printheads, to source POS components on demand, and to provide any technical assistance required. Our customers are the most important part of our business and we are dedicated to maintaining the level of customer satisfaction we have strived to achieve.

Company History

The founder of our company, William Chamberlin, having experience in the late 70's state of the art electronic cash register field with first hand knowledge of the inherent dot matrix print- head design limitations, the limited availability of new printheads combined with the inflated purchase price and unreasonably long lead times to acquire new product, realized a market existed for affordable, quality, timely, refurbished printheads.

In 1981, Hillside Electronics Corporation (HEC) was founded to serve the computer and POS industries' need for quality and timely repairs of dot matrix printheads. Working with customer collaboration, many printhead components have been re-engineered to a higher quality to increase the product's life cycle. Components were re-engineered for a number of printheads including Eaton, IBM, Genicom, Westrex, and Epson. With the introduction of our own quality parts, customer satisfaction of repairs, and demand for printhead repair by customers throughout the United States and Europe, additional printhead repair technicians were added to accommodate the repair demands and to maintain the fast turn-around time which is one of our company's main objectives.

When the POS industry moved toward the introduction of numerous stand-alone printers versus the printer embedded in the electronic cash register, HEC incorporated complete stand-alone printer repairs to the repair product line. This transition was easy to achieve. With the groundwork for printhead repair well defined, the repair of the complete printer was the next step in the company's progression. With customer satisfaction being a main concern, we implemented a repair policy and repair procedures for complete printer repairs as well as printer sub-assemblies.

With the development of strong partnerships within the POS industry and with dealers, distributors and service centers already using us for their repairs, a need for new and refurbished products sales was recognized. In responding to our customer's requests, we expanded to include a full range of products including printers, keyboards, monitors, cash drawers and sub-assemblies.

As our company has expanded in size, repair product lines, and product sales, the initial concepts of providing timely, cost-efficient, and quality repair service and sales to each and every one of our customers still holds true today.