Certified Pre-Owned Printers

Hillside Electronics offers an innovative program that provides you with certified pre-owned printers that are hard to distinguish from brand new. These printers undergo a rigorous re-engineering and inspection process that ensures a product of the highest quality.

Like our refurbished printers, our certified pre-owned models undergo a complete renovation process that includes inspection of all parts, and a comprehensive cleaning and testing of every function. Additionally, our unprecedented certified pre-owned printers tip the scale higher by appearing like new with no cracks, yellowed cases or substantial scratches. Cases are either thoroughly cleaned or replaced, but never painted.


Each minimally used, like new printer is backed by our world-class service and support and carries the following CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED QUALITY GUARANTEE:

  • Less than 18 months of use
  • Less than 50,000 lines printed
  • 6-month parts and repair warranty
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